100,000 ticket numbers not included in Super Draw because of human error

On New Year's Day, the lottery announced that a second drawing for the Super Draw will take place after 100,000 ticket numbers were not included in the drawing because of a human error. “Due to an error in the range of tickets eligible for the Super Draw drawing, a second drawing will take place shortly,” the CT Lottery posted on its website.

Russia lost a $45 million weather satellite due to human error

The loss of a $45 million Russian weather satellite last November was due to human error, a high-ranking official said, because the satellite's programming was set for the wrong launch site. Programming for the satellite included instructions based on the satellite launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, east of Russia; however, the satellite launched from the new Vostochny launch site in eastern Russia.

Navy accidents were the result of human error

The commanding officers of two U.S. Navy destroyers involved in deadly collisions last year in the Pacific Ocean face courts-martial and military criminal charges including negligent homicide, the U.S. Navy said in a statement on Tuesday. Filing charges against the officers marks the Navy’s latest effort to address the problems that led to collisions involving its warships in Asia, in which 17 sailors were killed. Results from Navy investigations released in November found that both accidents were the result of human error by sailors aboard the ships, but determined that no single person could be blamed for the accidents.

Hassan accident a result of human error

A day after seven individuals lost their life in an accident involving a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus near Karekere Agricultural College, 19km from Hassan on NH-75, authorities of the transport body have announced that the tragedy was the consequence of human error.

Human error blamed for near disaster at California’s Oroville Dam

“Complacency, bureaucracy and an inadequate safety culture led to the failure last year of the Oroville Dam spillway.” That’s the conclusion of an independent investigation team released this past Friday. Cracks developed in the spillway soon after it was completed in the 1960s. The spillway began disintegrating on February 7, 2017, when a deluge from the Feather River watershed filled the dam. Over 55,000 cubic feet of water per second crashed down the ramp and the concrete structure began to fall apart.

Amtrak engineer’s testimony points to human error as cause of deadly train wreck

Federal investigators have interviewed the engineer who was at the controls of Amtrak Cascades Train 501 that derailed last month south of Tacoma. The interview summary points more strongly to human error as the cause of the deadly wreck.

FCC Blames Human Error, Poor Safeguards for False Hawaii Missile Alert

A preliminary FCC report concludes that a combination of human error and inadequate safeguards led to the transmission of a false missile alert in Hawaii on Jan. 13, creating a harrowing scene for residents as it took 38 minutes for a second message to be sent confirming that the alarm was false. The message, transmitted … Continue reading FCC Blames Human Error, Poor Safeguards for False Hawaii Missile Alert

‘Human error’ leaves Air New Zealand passengers fuming

Hundreds of Air New Zealand passengers are angry after tickets purchased through online travel websites cancelled after a pricing error. In a statement Air New Zealand said it had charged approximately 10 percent of the intended value of the cancelled flights. "These fares were available at that price as a result of a genuine human error in the data entry process. They have been cancelled and customers will receive a full refund from their travel agent".