NETS apologised on Tuesday (13 Feb 2018) for the hour-long disruption that customers faced on 2 February 2018  between 2pm and 3pm.

“We apologise to all consumers and merchants who were inconvenienced by the disruption. NETS services have since been restored and have been functioning normally,” said NETS in a news release.

The operator clarified that the disruption was not due to any “systemic risk or security issues” and that it was human error that had led to the problem.

“We have completed investigations into the cause of the incident and concluded that the incident resulted from an inadvertent human error during system maintenance which disrupted NETS EFTPOS connection to our participating banks.

“The incident was not due to any systemic risk or security issues,” said NETS.

NETS has also submitted an investigation report to the Monetary Authority of Singapore and has engaged an independent consultant to enhance processes in order to prevent future occurrences of similar incidents, it added.