AMTRAK accuses the cargo company CSX of causing the crash, in which a passenger train was diverted to a side track and crashed into a parked freight train in the US state of South Carolina, the agencies said.

Amtrak’s train with nearly 150 people traveled from New York to Miami and moved at 95 km / h as it crashed into CSX’s freight train, which had stopped at a side track. The crash happened yesterday (February 4, 2018) near the state capital Columbia. Two members of the passenger train brigade were killed and 116 people were injured. There were no people on the freight train.

Amtrak President Richard Anderson said CSX was in charge of the rails and signaling in the area. In his words, CSX had opened the arrow to the side track, where the passenger train departed from the main line and crashed into the stopped freight train. Authorities have begun an investigation into the case.

This is the third fatal crash with Amtrak train in less than two months.