The outdoor warning sirens were activated this morning, but they were the result of an accident.

“During a routine test this morning Sedgwick County Emergency Management selected a non-silent alarm. There was no malfunction and it was turned off after a few seconds,” said a post on the Sedgwick County Government Facebook page.

Nearly every day, Emergency Management conducts a silent test, an automated polling of the sirens to make sure all of them are responding over the radio.

But on Wednesday around 9:20 a.m., someone selected the “non-silent” alarm option.

Sedgwick County’s public information officer, Kate Flavin, wrote in an email, “Wednesday accidental siren sound was the first time this error has occurred in well over one thousand chances.”

KAKE News received dozens of calls and messages asking why the sirens were activated.

“We realize that there are just people running things. Mistakes are going to happen. Thank goodness it was nothing that rises to the level of what happened in Hawaii,” said Shellee Morrison, resident.