Two CT Lottery employees were put on administrative leave pending the investigation into the Super Draw error.

On New Year’s Day, the lottery announced that a second drawing for the Super Draw will take place after 100,000 ticket numbers were not included in the drawing because of a human error.

“Due to an error in the range of tickets eligible for the Super Draw drawing, a second drawing will take place shortly,” the CT Lottery posted on its website.

On Friday, the CT Lottery apologized for the mistake, explained what happened and said two employees were put on paid leave pending the investigation.

“We apologize that the January 1, 2018 CT Super Draw drawing did not go as planned. Although there were many layers of protection and security in place, human error occurred, despite multiple practice drawings. The incorrect ticket range was entered into the Random Number Generator, the machine that draws the winning numbers. The ticket number range sold was 100,001 – 314,601. The ticket number range was incorrectly entered as 100,001 – 214,601. As a result, any ticket numbers above 214,601 were not included in the January 1, 2018 drawing,” CT Lottery said on its website.