Navy mistakenly tells 4,850 sailors that their orders are canceled

A software error caused nearly 5,000 sailors to mistakenly receive notices this week informing them that their orders had been cancelled.  The database error was first discovered Monday, according to a Navy Personnel Command release. The error caused messages to be sent to 4,850 sailors, notifying them that their Letters of Intent, or LOI, had been canceled. The system was restored by Tuesday and the Navy started notifying affected sailors on Wednesday. Human error was the culprit Saturday during data entry of a regularly scheduled manpower management system update, causing a corrupt file to be uploaded to the system, command spokeswoman Katie Suich said in an email.

Partial collapse of Hualien buildings investigated for human error

The Yun Men Tsui Ti residential and commercial complex, the most seriously damaged building in the magnitude-6 Hualien earthquake, is now the focus of an investigation to determine if human error was behind the partial collapse of four structures in downtown Hualien.

Gold Coast 2018 apologise for “human error” after wrong date appears on Opening Ceremony tickets

"It was a human error in the checking. Gold Coast 2018 have apologised for a printing error on some of the tickets for the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. Tickets have started to be sent to spectators, with the Ceremony in the Australian city scheduled to take place on April 4. A number of ticketholders have pointed out that their ticket shows the date to be a Thursday, whereas April 4 actually falls on a Wednesday. Gold Coast 2018 chief executive Mark Peters said the mistake was because of a "human error" made by ticketing company Ticketek. Peters added that the incorrect tickets would not be recalled due to security issues and reasserted that the Opening Ceremony is on a Wednesday.

NETS apologises for disruption to services caused by ‘human error’

The operator clarified that the disruption was not due to any "systemic risk or security issues" and that it was human error that had led to the problem. "We have completed investigations into the cause of the incident and concluded that the incident resulted from an inadvertent human error during system maintenance which disrupted NETS EFTPOS connection to our participating banks. "The incident was not due to any systemic risk or security issues," said NETS.

‘Human error’ may have caused devastating Russian plane crash

Human error may be to blame for the Russian plane crash that killed 71 people, Russian investigators said Tuesday, noting that the plane's pilots failed to turn on the heating unit for its measuring equipment, resulting in flawed speed data. After studying the An-148's flight data recorder, the Interstate Aviation Committee said that Sunday's crash near Moscow occurred after the pilots saw conflicting data on the plane's two air speed indicators. The flawed readings came because the pilots failed to turn on the heating unit for the plane's pressure measurement equipment prior to takeoff, the committee said.

Human error led to blameless individuals arrested for serious crimes

Innocent people have been caught up in paedophile and murder investigations because of blunders in the handling of phone and internet data, a damning report reveals. The report reveals that mistakes have seen people arrested and children taken into care. Blameless individuals have been arrested, seen their homes and electronic devices searched, and had their children taken into care as a result of serious errors. The incidents were revealed as a watchdog flagged up the “appalling” consequences of erroneous use of communications data. Last year 1,101 communications data errors were reported to the Commissioner’s office, with 29 cases classified as serious. Twenty of these were human error, seven were “system/workflow” errors and in two instances communications data was obtained without the lawful authority.

$800,000 overstatement of funds resulted from human error

Just two months in, Morro Bay's newly hired financial director discovered an $800,000 error in the 2017-18 projected fund balance for the sewer project. At the Nov. 14 City Council meeting, the city manager and project team were asked to prepare an updated fiscal year fourth quarter budget report for the city's Water Reclamation Facility project. Jennifer Callaway, the new finance director, said she and her team worked to put together the report but noticed that certain numbers weren't adding up. As part of a staff report, newly hired City Manager Scott Collins wrote "the overstatement of funds resulted from human error."