Navy mistakenly tells 4,850 sailors that their orders are canceled

A software error caused nearly 5,000 sailors to mistakenly receive notices this week informing them that their orders had been cancelled.  The database error was first discovered Monday, according to a Navy Personnel Command release. The error caused messages to be sent to 4,850 sailors, notifying them that their Letters of Intent, or LOI, had been canceled. The system was restored by Tuesday and the Navy started notifying affected sailors on Wednesday. Human error was the culprit Saturday during data entry of a regularly scheduled manpower management system update, causing a corrupt file to be uploaded to the system, command spokeswoman Katie Suich said in an email.

Partial collapse of Hualien buildings investigated for human error

The Yun Men Tsui Ti residential and commercial complex, the most seriously damaged building in the magnitude-6 Hualien earthquake, is now the focus of an investigation to determine if human error was behind the partial collapse of four structures in downtown Hualien.

Gold Coast 2018 apologise for “human error” after wrong date appears on Opening Ceremony tickets

"It was a human error in the checking. Gold Coast 2018 have apologised for a printing error on some of the tickets for the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. Tickets have started to be sent to spectators, with the Ceremony in the Australian city scheduled to take place on April 4. A number of ticketholders have pointed out that their ticket shows the date to be a Thursday, whereas April 4 actually falls on a Wednesday. Gold Coast 2018 chief executive Mark Peters said the mistake was because of a "human error" made by ticketing company Ticketek. Peters added that the incorrect tickets would not be recalled due to security issues and reasserted that the Opening Ceremony is on a Wednesday.

NETS apologises for disruption to services caused by ‘human error’

The operator clarified that the disruption was not due to any "systemic risk or security issues" and that it was human error that had led to the problem. "We have completed investigations into the cause of the incident and concluded that the incident resulted from an inadvertent human error during system maintenance which disrupted NETS EFTPOS connection to our participating banks. "The incident was not due to any systemic risk or security issues," said NETS.

‘Human error’ may have caused devastating Russian plane crash

Human error may be to blame for the Russian plane crash that killed 71 people, Russian investigators said Tuesday, noting that the plane's pilots failed to turn on the heating unit for its measuring equipment, resulting in flawed speed data. After studying the An-148's flight data recorder, the Interstate Aviation Committee said that Sunday's crash near Moscow occurred after the pilots saw conflicting data on the plane's two air speed indicators. The flawed readings came because the pilots failed to turn on the heating unit for the plane's pressure measurement equipment prior to takeoff, the committee said.

Human error led to blameless individuals arrested for serious crimes

Innocent people have been caught up in paedophile and murder investigations because of blunders in the handling of phone and internet data, a damning report reveals. The report reveals that mistakes have seen people arrested and children taken into care. Blameless individuals have been arrested, seen their homes and electronic devices searched, and had their children taken into care as a result of serious errors. The incidents were revealed as a watchdog flagged up the “appalling” consequences of erroneous use of communications data. Last year 1,101 communications data errors were reported to the Commissioner’s office, with 29 cases classified as serious. Twenty of these were human error, seven were “system/workflow” errors and in two instances communications data was obtained without the lawful authority.

$800,000 overstatement of funds resulted from human error

Just two months in, Morro Bay's newly hired financial director discovered an $800,000 error in the 2017-18 projected fund balance for the sewer project. At the Nov. 14 City Council meeting, the city manager and project team were asked to prepare an updated fiscal year fourth quarter budget report for the city's Water Reclamation Facility project. Jennifer Callaway, the new finance director, said she and her team worked to put together the report but noticed that certain numbers weren't adding up. As part of a staff report, newly hired City Manager Scott Collins wrote "the overstatement of funds resulted from human error."

Regional trains collide in Austria likely due to human error

Two regional trains collided late Friday near Vienna, knocking two carriages over and hurting eight people, none of them seriously, officials said.  The accident occurred at 6:00pm near the station of Kritzendorf, about 20 kilometres north-west of Vienna. Four people sustained moderate injuries and four others light wounds, said Infrastructure Minister Norbert Hofer. One person airlifted to hospital with head injuries but was conscious. "We believe that the cause was likely human error, not a technical fault. But this will be investigated in the coming days," Hofer said.

Wrong test results due to “human error in processing”

FOUR patients at a Sydney children’s hospital have been handed incorrect test results, with a medical error watchdog calling for improved laboratory monitoring systems. The mistake at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead has been described by NSW Health as an “isolated incident” due to “a human error in processing”. “We are nevertheless conducting an audit of other patients’ samples as part of the comprehensive, independent review underway,” chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant said in a statement yesterday.

Delhi Metro blames human error for driverless train crash

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation on Wednesday said that the staff — who were in control of an empty Magenta Line train, that broke through a boundary wall at the Kalindi Kunj depot during a trial run on Tuesday afternoon — became overconfident and ticked a checklist without checking the train systems manually. Delhi Metro has suspended four officials for the mishap, which included one deputy general manager who was the depot in-charge, one assistant manager under him responsible for depot activity, a junior engineer and an assistant section engineer who were involved in operating the train. The suspension is based on the probe by a team of three executive director rank officials.

Department of Justice blames ‘human error’ after 132 prisons staff wrongly approved for redundancy

The Department of Justice has been left red-faced after telling 132 prisons staff they had been approved for voluntary redundancy, only to retract the offer more than 24 hours later. A department spokeswoman confirmed the embarrassing administrative blunder, blaming “human error” for an email sent about 1.20pm on Thursday, December 14 to the staff who had applied through the State Government’s voluntary targeted separation scheme.

Making deaths from driver error a thing of the past

"I think that most people, most experts, would say that there's a strong possibility that automated technology can prevent the crashes that are related to human error, and there is a pretty hard number that's about 94 percent of fatal crashes in the US are attributable, or caused by, human error," said John Maddox, CEO of the American Center for Mobility. People are optimistic about autonomous technology in cars because it works well in areas where humans tend to not work well. "For example, human error often includes lack of vigilance. They're distracted for whatever reason, whether texting or eating or talking with kids in the back seat. Or they could be impaired. Or they could be driving in conditions where they have a hard time, like dark night in an urban area with pedestrians, etcetera," Maddox said.

‘A comedy of errors not in any sense funny’

The identity mix-up that led to two horses trained by Ivan Furtado running in the wrong races at Southwell was on Thursday described as a "comedy of errors" that was "not in any sense funny". BHA head of integrity Tim Naylor blamed "human error" by the equine welfare integrity officers at Southwell, saying: "It must be stated there were undoubtedly a number of procedural failings during the course of that day". Although their identities were checked on arrival, he believed the mix-up occurred when they were put back in the wrong box early in their training and were subsequently treated as the 'wrong' horses.

Human error blamed for morning sirens

Nearly every day, Emergency Management conducts a silent test, an automated polling of the sirens to make sure all of them are responding over the radio. But on Wednesday around 9:20 a.m., someone selected the "non-silent" alarm option. Sedgwick County's public information officer, Kate Flavin, wrote in an email, "Wednesday accidental siren sound was the first time this error has occurred in well over one thousand chances."

Active shooter alert button pushed by human error

On Friday, the active shooter alert button on one of the center's phones was accidentally pushed shortly after noon. Officers responded to the call within a few minutes and determined there was no threat to the safety of patients or staff.

Human Error is Probably Behind the Railroad Crash in the United States

Amtrak's train with nearly 150 people traveled from New York to Miami and moved at 95 km / h as it crashed into CSX's freight train, which had stopped at a side track. The crash happened near the state capital Columbia. Two members of the passenger train brigade were killed and 116 people were injured. There were no people on the freight train. Authorities have begun an investigation into the case. (and yet already declared that human error is probably the cause).

100,000 ticket numbers not included in Super Draw because of human error

On New Year's Day, the lottery announced that a second drawing for the Super Draw will take place after 100,000 ticket numbers were not included in the drawing because of a human error. “Due to an error in the range of tickets eligible for the Super Draw drawing, a second drawing will take place shortly,” the CT Lottery posted on its website.

Russia lost a $45 million weather satellite due to human error

The loss of a $45 million Russian weather satellite last November was due to human error, a high-ranking official said, because the satellite's programming was set for the wrong launch site. Programming for the satellite included instructions based on the satellite launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, east of Russia; however, the satellite launched from the new Vostochny launch site in eastern Russia.

Navy accidents were the result of human error

The commanding officers of two U.S. Navy destroyers involved in deadly collisions last year in the Pacific Ocean face courts-martial and military criminal charges including negligent homicide, the U.S. Navy said in a statement on Tuesday. Filing charges against the officers marks the Navy’s latest effort to address the problems that led to collisions involving its warships in Asia, in which 17 sailors were killed. Results from Navy investigations released in November found that both accidents were the result of human error by sailors aboard the ships, but determined that no single person could be blamed for the accidents.

Hassan accident a result of human error

A day after seven individuals lost their life in an accident involving a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus near Karekere Agricultural College, 19km from Hassan on NH-75, authorities of the transport body have announced that the tragedy was the consequence of human error.

Human error blamed for near disaster at California’s Oroville Dam

“Complacency, bureaucracy and an inadequate safety culture led to the failure last year of the Oroville Dam spillway.” That’s the conclusion of an independent investigation team released this past Friday. Cracks developed in the spillway soon after it was completed in the 1960s. The spillway began disintegrating on February 7, 2017, when a deluge from the Feather River watershed filled the dam. Over 55,000 cubic feet of water per second crashed down the ramp and the concrete structure began to fall apart.

Human error, fraud to blame for $2.8 billion welfare over-payment

New Human Services Minister Michael Keenan has blamed human error and fraud for the overpayment of $2.8 billion of welfare. Centrelink overpaid $2.84 billion to welfare recipients last financial year but the Turnbull government only recouped half the cash.

Human error: Someone pressed the wrong button . . .

The nuclear alert siren adjacent to HMS Raleigh naval base was activated for eight minutes after somebody accidentally pressed a button. The alarm was activated inadvertently due to human error following a maintenance check.

Human error biggest security concern for ANZ businesses

Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) companies are worried about human error when it comes to cyber security. Analysing the responses of 3000 IT and application security specialists around the world, ANZ participants are significantly more concerned about employees underestimating the impact of not following security than global counterparts.

Amtrak engineer’s testimony points to human error as cause of deadly train wreck

Federal investigators have interviewed the engineer who was at the controls of Amtrak Cascades Train 501 that derailed last month south of Tacoma. The interview summary points more strongly to human error as the cause of the deadly wreck.

FCC Blames Human Error, Poor Safeguards for False Hawaii Missile Alert

A preliminary FCC report concludes that a combination of human error and inadequate safeguards led to the transmission of a false missile alert in Hawaii on Jan. 13, creating a harrowing scene for residents as it took 38 minutes for a second message to be sent confirming that the alarm was false. The message, transmitted … Continue reading FCC Blames Human Error, Poor Safeguards for False Hawaii Missile Alert

‘Human error’ leaves Air New Zealand passengers fuming

Hundreds of Air New Zealand passengers are angry after tickets purchased through online travel websites cancelled after a pricing error. In a statement Air New Zealand said it had charged approximately 10 percent of the intended value of the cancelled flights. "These fares were available at that price as a result of a genuine human error in the data entry process. They have been cancelled and customers will receive a full refund from their travel agent".